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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 11/14/2017

  • Moore a man of Christian values?
  • CoE targets anti-LGBT bullying
  • Why executives fail to execute strategy
  • Museum of the Bible to open in D.C.
  • Retirement is the real world
  • Can a robot join the faith?

Monday's News & Ideas - 11/13/2017

  • Pastor asks mourners to forgive gunman
  • Moore refocuses on conservative religious values
  • Televangelist-in-chief
  • Pope, conscience & Catholic rules
  • Pauli Murray’s song of hope
  • Can we handle the power of a death laser?

Friday's News & Ideas - 11/10/2017

  • VA offers clergy training for vets
  • Orthodox Christianity today
  • When to pray and act
  • SBC church shunned over female pastor
  • Non-religious to surpass Protestants by 2035
  • Marvel's Black Panther as leader

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/8/2017

  • A picture of small-town Texas life
  • Pastor shares experience making church safe
  • How to combat crisis fatigue
  • Six young, woke Christian leaders
  • Were early Christians communists?
  • Life lessons from slime mold


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