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Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/20/2017

  • Rev. Barber's open letter
  • Fuller Seminary retooling
  • Religious liberty battle
  • Unprecedented presidential access
  • No religion for Chinese party members
  • Gluten, Communion & strange things

Monday's News & Ideas - 7/17/2017

  • Trump changing U.S. Christianity?
  • Black minister, leaving the SBC
  • Evangelical nuclear deterrence
  • 2 cardinals, 2 Catholic paths
  • Pavilion church
  • Camping on Chicago's 'hot blocks'

Friday's News & Ideas - 7/14/2017

  • Peterson backtracks on interview
  • Pope confidant slams US religious right
  • Black pastors sue Coca-Cola
  • Creationism support at new low
  • Fate of Iraq's largest Christian city
  • Pope: 'No whining'

Monday's News & Ideas - 7/10/2017

  • Tale of two church soundtracks
  • Welby on parish priest stress
  • Young people in leadership
  • Survival of Russell Moore
  • Vatican: no gluten-free communion
  • Millennial bashing nothing new


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