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Friday's News & Ideas - 8/9/2019

  • ELCA declares itself 'sanctuary church body'
  • Man dies after deportation to Iraq
  • Cross to stay on county seal
  • How churches shaped the heartland
  • Religion makes us human
  • The emotional work of doctoring

Thursday's News & Ideas - 8/8/2019

  • Penn. abuse hotline gets 1,900 calls
  • Must pastors react to news?
  • Activists want charges dropped
  • Migrants respond to charismatic Christianity
  • Young people distrust institutions
  • Mark Twain's campaign for affordable watches

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 8/7/2019

  • Christian nationalism & gun control
  • Toni Morrison’s priceless advice
  • Slavery & genealogy of Presbyterian Outlook
  • Catholics & transubstantiation
  • Managing change in an institution bad at it
  • The technology of kindness

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 8/6/2019

  • Shooting reaction: 'We can't keep going on like this'
  • What is Christian nationalism?
  • Americans support teaching religion
  • Bipartisan objection to refugee ban
  • Black woman leads NY seminary
  • Young readers reject Holden Caulfield

Monday's News & Ideas - 8/5/2019

  • Don't normalize violence
  • Dying church gives away $1 million
  • Clergy privilege under fire
  • What's the future of religion?
  • No atheists in US politics
  • Our idea of old movies is all wrong


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