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Friday’s News & Ideas - 4/12/2019

  • Georgetown students support reparations
  • Arrest in black church arsons
  • Leadership at institutions facing change
  • Friends as wedding officiants
  • How can entrepreneurs fund their dreams?
  • Tolkien & power

Friday's News & Ideas - 4/5/2019

  • LDS Church drops LGBTQ policy
  • Africa, center of Christianity
  • Authoritarians & extremism
  • Gregory pledges honesty
  • Conversion therapy facing lawsuit
  • Cats know their names, probably

Monday's News & Ideas - 4/1/2019

  • Billy Graham archives to move
  • Pompeo's belief & policy
  • Catholics, evangelicals divided
  • Gospel choirs for reconciliation
  • Jewish after-school program
  • An internet digital detox guide


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