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Friday's News & Ideas - 9/7/2018

  • Seven states launch clergy abuse investigations
  • Social justice: Gospel or heresy?
  • A tattoo that aims to save lives
  • Site of First Council of Nicaea found
  • Rethinking female empowerment
  • Meet a professional domino artist

Thursday's News & Ideas - 9/6/2018

  • Black churches seek voters
  • Evangelicals at the White House
  • Putin goes from threat to ally
  • 'Crazy Rich' Christianity?
  • How to give better feedback
  • Don't be fooled: Climate is not weather

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/5/2018

  • Pastor's suicide shows need for mental health care
  • How would Kavanaugh rule on religion?
  • Canon law's role in clergy abuse
  • Fundamentalism is the villain for moviemakers
  • When science and religion were connected
  • The wild Alaskan island that inspired a lost classic

Tuesday's News & Ideas 9/4/2018

  • Aretha's family slams eulogy
  • An evangelical argues against Kavanaugh
  • The Pope's watershed moment
  • Fewer ministers, heavier burden
  • Pastor retires after 5 decades of sacrifice
  • Why not wear white after Labor Day?


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