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Monday's News & Ideas - 12/11/2017

  • Mind-bending NT translation
  • Religious fear & the culture war
  • No longer evangelical Republican
  • Where Moore & Jones attend church
  • Basilica complete after 100 years
  • Stories better than Keillor's

Friday's News & Ideas - 12/8/2017

  • US Christianity's shattered witness
  • Jerusalem & the second coming
  • Black church & Alabama senate race
  • Opposition grows to Graham UK visit
  • Recovering from sermon illustration
  • Marilynne Robinson on intellectual integrity

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 12/5/2017

  • Emotional price of being clergy
  • Consumerist church of fitness class
  • Celebrity scientists & religion
  • Faith groups & sexual assault debate
  • Rise in UK clergy union
  • Aristotle on when to unfriend


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