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Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/15/2017

  • British leader quits over faith
  • Ramadan fast saved lives in London fire
  • Alternative to 'Benedict Option'
  • 7 lessons from Uber crisis
  • Communion on a boat?
  • New poet laureate grapples with faith

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/14/2017

  • SBC chaos over move to condemn alt-right
  • Mark's Gospel and sanctuary
  • Ferguson pastor dies at 34
  • Buddhist nuns bike to oppose trafficking
  • Religious giving holds steady
  • Heal your broken heart through writing

Monday's News & Ideas - 6/12/2017

  • Lessons from the Pulse shooting 
  • Religious liberals want in the game
  • Clergy are politically divided
  • SBC continues decline
  • Church isn't an escape
  • Portraits let people tell their stories

Friday's News & Ideas - 6/9/2017

  • Did Bernie Sanders cross a line?
  • Who was that 'meddlesome priest'?
  • Anti-Shariah marches unnecessary
  • Middle-aged women and the church
  • James Martin's LGBT ministry
  • The complicated history of SC rice

Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/8/2017

  • Rise of multiracial & multiethnic babies
  • UMC appoints transgender deacon
  • Reimagining “The Creation of Adam”
  • Want to change work culture?
  • The broken news cycle
  • Empathy & visual perception

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 6/6/2017

  • Six Day War anniversary
  • 'I wish I could stop terrorism'
  • Hospitals win SCOTUS case
  • Laudato Si's renewed importance
  • Signs of failure in higher ed institutions
  • Life in the 1950s Sunshine State

Monday's News & Ideas - 6/5/2017

  • Archbishop condemns religious violence
  • Ariana Grande uplifts in Manchester
  • Trump endorses Muslim travel ban
  • Most in US say religion solves problems
  • CeCe Winans keeps singing
  • 50 lawns in 50 states

Friday's News & Ideas - 6/2/2017

  • Religious leaders react to Paris agreement decision
  • Evangelicals, Jews, still hope for embassy move
  • Clergy sex abuse victim claims rise
  • Intolerance not the global norm
  • What can computers tell us about religion?
  • Nigeria’s first-ever Venice Biennale pavilion


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