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Tuesday's News & Ideas - 10/23/2018

  • Museum removes fake artifacts
  • Eugene Peterson dead at 85
  • Can agency reject non-Christians?
  • Bishop worries moderates are not heard
  • Moral concerns about hajj
  • Families are prisoners of clutter

Monday's News & Ideas - 10/22/2018

  • Young Catholics grapple with scandal
  • Robert Wood Lynn dies at 93
  • Op-ed: Anti-abortion gains come at moral cost
  • Walking the church/state divide
  • John C. Maxwell on leadership
  • Selfishness is self-defeating

Friday's News & Ideas - 10/19/2018

  • DOJ investigates clergy abuse
  • Number of clergywomen rises
  • James Cone's posthumous memoir
  • Change happens in neighborhoods
  • New book gets higher ed wrong
  • The world is getting much, much better


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