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Thursday's News & Ideas - 10/12/2017

  • Parsonage allowance struck down
  • Clergy arrested in St. Louis protests
  • Trump dismantles faith-based office
  • Faith has a role in disaster giving
  • Spanish monk spends 50 years building church
  • A girl leaves her father to die in the Holocaust. Years later, she receives a message.

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 10/11/2017

  • College professors aren’t killing religion
  • How innovation really works
  • Split between young evangelicals and church elders
  • Growth mindsets for institutions
  • Reverse missionaries
  • Bringing extinct reptiles back to life

Tuesday's News & Ideas - 10/10/2017

  • The hidden battle of the sexes at work
  • Church-backed cleaning firm offers living wage
  • Small senior church opens refugee welcome house
  • Assessing emotional intelligence
  • The denominator mindset for scaling social change
  • Move to Hawaii, become less racist

Monday's News & Ideas - 10/9/2017

  • Searching for God in Las Vegas
  • A church repents for racist founders
  • Anti-Semitism gives The Forward new resolve
  • Negativity & creativity
  • Church buildings become breweries
  • The race for human attention

Friday's News & Ideas - 10/6/2017

  • Pilgrims follow Luther's footsteps
  • Texas church halts weddings 
  • 'Tiny house' dispute settled
  • Santa Claus' tomb discovered
  • Shooting sparks anti-Semitic conspiracy
  • A travel photographer who doesn't travel

Thursday's News & Ideas - 10/5/2017

  • Imam addresses Congress
  • Nothing divides voters like gun ownership
  • An unlikely friendship on the border
  • Five leaders forged in crisis
  • Innovation at SC college
  • What do you know about Juneteenth?

Wednesday's News & Ideas - 10/4/2017

  • Church leads in aiding Puerto Rico
  • The gospel for gun-loving Christians
  • The loneliness epidemic
  • Anglicans punish Scottish church
  • State religions across the globe
  • The myth of the eureka moment in science


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