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A woman tutoring a child while two other women observe

At Una Familia, mothers and volunteers work with children in a summer tutoring program on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Leaders of Una Familia took part in the Ministry Accelerator workshops to help them expand the size and impact of their ministry. Photos by David B. Hollingsworth

Ministry Accelerator helps organizations grow

Virginia United Methodists are helping established ministries expand by teaching them new skills in a two-day “accelerator” program.

The Rev. Dr. Michael Bell looks out the window of the Wilson Renaissance Complex, a downtown building that has been renovated by the nonprofit arm of Bell's congregation, St. John AME Zion Church.  Photo by Alex Maness

A renovation project brings income to a church nonprofit and vitality to a former tobacco town

An enterprising leader of St. John AME Zion Church pushed his congregation to revive its dormant nonprofit and undertake an ambitious plan to buy and improve seven properties in a historically African-American area of Wilson, North Carolina.

A volunteer paints the face of a little girl at Amachi Pittsburgh's Christmas 2013 celebration. The event included mentors and families as well as children on the waiting list for a mentor. Photos courtesy of Amachi Pittsburgh

From funding loss to sustainability

After losing federal support in 2011, Amachi Pittsburgh, a faith-based organization that supports the children of people in prison, has worked to become financially sustainable by partnering without becoming dependent and broadening tactics without compromising mission.

Creative use of its buildings, including the Nathaniel Felton Junior House, has provided much-needed income for the Peabody Historical Society and Museum near Boston.
Photo courtesy of the Peabody Historical Society and Museum

Bringing the past into the future

Small local history museums near Boston have reinvented themselves, creating sustainable institutions that are going against two decades of decline for museums nationwide.

Metanoia's housing initiative has rebuilt eight abandoned homes, built four new homes and assisted in renovations of 24 owner-occupied homes. Photos courtesy of Metanoia

Building from strength

A Cooperative Baptist Fellowship ministry in South Carolina has created a sustainable model for community development by focusing on assets -- those of the neighborhood and those of the organization.