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August 22, 2012

Wednesday's News & Ideas

Churches lag in social media oversight
Associated Baptist Press: Churches without policies governing online activity risk embarrassment, or worse.

Mormon women seeking middle ground
Religion News Service: Growing group of Mormon women crave a more engaged and visible role for women in the Mormon church.

Is religion in Canada on the way out?
Mennonite World Review: Religion in Canada seems to be on the way out. Or is it?
Swiss Info: Swiss keep religion at a distance

From Bible-Belt pastor to atheist leader
The New York Times: In a small town in the heart of the Bible Belt, a Pentecostal pastor could no longer hide his disbelief.

To encourage innovation, eradicate blame
Fast Company: Leaders who take a more constructive approach to failure can begin eliminating the fear, reticence, and inertia that plagues many organizations.

The Spark

The sound of a dying star
When a star gets consumed by a black hole ... what, exactly, does that sound like? Well, nothing, officially: There's no sound in space. But as the Atlantic reports, astronomers wondered anyway what would it sound like? It turns out, something like D-sharp.

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