Reflection: Christian Leadership

Ken Evers-Hood: How to escape from a bad game

Some situations are so challenging that they bring out our worst selves and ensure that everyone loses. Game theory teaches us that we can change the rules, the incentive structure or the players -- or constructively disengage, writes a pastor. Read more »

Q&A: Missions & Evangelism

Nicole Baker Fulgham: Mobilizing people of faith to eliminate inequity in public education

Continuing inequities in our nation's public schools are a moral injustice that Christians are called to address, says the founder of The Expectations Project. Read more »

Reflection: Health & Well-being

Deanna Thompson: How to live like we’re dying

Five years after a breast cancer diagnosis that at first appeared to be an immediate death sentence, a theologian works to live in the space between death and resurrection. Read more »

Reflection: Missions & Evangelism

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: How StepUp Ministry is learning to do good, better

An already-strong organization cultivated the practice of prophetic honesty to improve its services and help more people rise out of poverty. Read more »

Q&A: Social Entrepreneurship

Carol R. Naughton: How willing are you to cause disruptive change?

Many leaders want change, but only some are willing to take the heat, says the senior vice president of Purpose Built Communities. Ask them, 'Are you willing to stand up and be an advocate for disruptive change?' Read more »