Reflection: Christian Leadership

Richard J. Mouw: Machiavelli and Christian leadership

The former president of Fuller Theological Seminary is no fan of Machiavelli. But he does wish for a 'seminary president's guidebook' that would match the scope and complexity of Machiavelli's writings on political leadership. Read more »

Q&A: Christian Leadership

Calvin O. Butts: The language of leadership is the language of love

The pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church, one of the nation’s most historic churches, offers leadership advice for pastors who want to make a difference in their communities. Read more »

Reflection: Christian Leadership

Ken Evers-Hood: How could games be part of church?

Pastors live with a painful inner conflict -- we often aren’t doing the good we want to do. Games, which can connect us to others and to a larger purpose, might help. Read more »

Reflection: Theology

Ed Moore: Amy May Rabbit, heretic

A stuffed bunny who has served to teach dozens of students how to perform the sacrament of baptism reminds a pastor that we never celebrate the sacrament in isolation from a history that begins at creation and continues into the present and on toward the new Jerusalem. Read more »

Reflection: Pastoral Excellence

Lisa G. Fischbeck: The season of arrivals

An Episcopal priest walks the line between welcoming newcomers and being willing to let them go. Read more »