Reflection: Workplace

Dave Odom: How to get things done while disagreeing with your boss

Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s work in the Nixon administration illustrates how to exert influence and accomplish an agenda within constraints. Read more »

Q&A: Future of Denominations

Julia Groom: Buildings for a new tomorrow

At a time when the Episcopal Church and other denominations are closing churches, the Episcopal Church Building Fund has expanded its mission to help distressed congregations think in new ways about their buildings and the future of the church, says the fund president. Read more »

Reflection: Christian Leadership

Richard J. Mouw: Leadership and bearing pain

All leaders will unavoidably cause pain in the lives of others. But they do not inflict pain without also bearing pain, says the former president of Fuller Theological Seminary. Read more »

Reflection: Christian Leadership

L. Roger Owens: If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly

Is good always the enemy of great? Or can insisting on doing everything right prevent us from taking action at all? Read more »

Q&A: Reconciliation

Joe Ingle: We need to let them out

Our prison system is a giant caging and killing machine, says a prison minister and death penalty opponent, and Christians are called to stand up and address it, freeing the captives and creating a new paradigm of restorative justice. Read more »