Reflection: Christian Leadership

Richard J. Mouw: Put on the attire of leadership

A halftime visit with the leaders of Notre Dame and West Point reminded an evangelical seminary president that leadership is contextual, as varied as a clerical collar, an Army general’s uniform and chinos with a V-neck sweater. Read more »

Reflection: Health & Well-being

Ross Kane: We need training in transcendence

Science and the modern world can strip the mystery out of our lives. But we can adopt practices -- even using iPhones -- that nurture our sense of transcendence and train our spirits to hear and know God, says an Episcopal priest. Read more »

Reflection: Workplace

L. Roger Owens: The better way to 360-degree feedback

Leaders of all stripes need feedback -- the good, the bad and the ugly. But such honesty is possible only in the context of covenant, says a professor of leadership and ministry. Read more »

Reflection: Christian Leadership

Timothy Willard: C.S. Lewis and the imaginative leader

C.S. Lewis warns leaders not to be someone they are not, says a Christian author. Imaginative leadership springs from men and women who understand the power of 'being yourself.' Read more »

Reflection: Missions & Evangelism

Catherine A. Caimano: Rethinking 'outreach'

The problem with 'outreach' is that it is 'out there,' and often presumes that we have no needs 'in here,' says a denominational leader. But we are called to be near, to serve our neighbor both far away and in the next pew. Read more »