Photo courtesy of Quest Church

Seven years ago, one Seattle church sacrificed itself to another for the benefit of future generations in a remarkable story of trust, generosity and grace.

In the accompanying Q&A, the Rev. Eugene Cho talks about the details of the merger and how his congregation, Quest Church, incorporated the traditions and gifts of an older church. Read more »

Reflection: Christian Leadership

Ken Evers-Hood: Responding to criticism in the church’s culture of niceness

Game theory -- and the Bible -- teaches church leaders to cooperate, push back against betrayal and then, finally, forgive. Read more »

Q&A: Future of Denominations

Naomi Schaefer Riley: How to attract young people to church

In her book “Got Religion?” a journalist profiles seven religious institutions that have created new models for inviting young adults into lives of faith. Interestingly, she says technology is not the answer. Read more »

Reflection: Pastoral Excellence

Kyle Childress: Porching, friendship and ministry

In the pastor's study at church, it's 'counseling,' but on the pastor's front porch, it's just two friends visiting. And it's all called 'ministry,' says a Texas pastor. Read more »

Reflection: Pastoral Excellence

Cynthia Weems: Lessons from a church in Key West

Visiting Key West reminds a pastor that while the church can provide welcome stability, it also must function like a seesaw, bringing balance to our communities by serving their needs. Read more »

Sermon: Health & Well-being

Mel Williams: Let it go…and rest

Jesus gives a clear invitation and a promise: “Come to me, you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Jesus is still teaching us this wisdom, handing us four gifts -- Sabbath, release, wellspring and energy for mission, says a retired Baptist pastor. Read more »