Sermon: Liturgical Seasons

Samuel Wells: Never mind the width

In Advent, dare to feel the depth. Never mind the width. If you're tired of waiting, go deeper, says the noted preacher. Read more »

Reflection: Health & Well-being

Rhonda Mawhood Lee: What would it be? Dissatisfaction or gratitude?

An Episcopal priest learns a valuable lesson from a run-in with a smartphone. The choice is yours every moment of every day: focus on lack or appreciate the abundance. Read more »

Reflection: Future of Denominations

Sam Laurent: A deeper look at church branding

Many Christian leaders reject the notion of branding the church. But churches could use brand association as a signifier of identity, thus inviting people to step into mystery and wonder, writes a theologian. Read more »

Q&A: Workplace

Laurence Binet: Case studies help Doctors Without Borders understand its history

Leaders of the humanitarian organization hope the series of case studies will help staff, donors and supporters better understand the dilemmas it faces on the ground. Read more »

Reflection: Christian Leadership

Peter A. Kerr: Good leaders must have many leadership tools

There are a lot of leadership books out there, and many offer useful tools. But they work only if leaders are flexible enough to fit those tools to the situation at hand. Read more »