Reflection: Christian Leadership

C. Kavin Rowe: Suffering is part of thriving

Final essay in a seven-part series. If we expect to see the kingdom of God, writes the New Testament scholar, we should expect to suffer. Read more »

Reflection: Missions & Evangelism

Andrea Palpant Dilley: 10,000 Christs in our midst

In the wake of the World Vision controversy, a young writer asks, can we set aside our principles on the issues that divide us for the sake of a principle that we share in common -- alleviating poverty? Read more »

Q&A: Christian Leadership

Tony Campolo: It was time to stop

The noted evangelical leader explains why he's closing his ministry organization, the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education, after more than 40 years. Read more »

Reflection: Theology

Laura Stern: Cut off or cast away?

As a tough winter gives way to spring, a pastor on an island cut off many times during the season wonders if her church has fared a little too well in isolation. Read more »

Reflection: Reconciliation

Christopher L. Heuertz: Clémentine’s story

Two decades after she was pulled from a mass grave, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide reminds us not to hold Rwanda in the memory of its past but to honor those who embody the hope of their nation’s present and future. Read more »