Photo courtesy of First Presbyterian Church of San Mateo

At First Presbyterian Church San Mateo, worship is like Thanksgiving dinner, with everyone at the table.

You might not like everything that's served, but everybody experiences the meal together. Read more »

Reflection: Christian Leadership

L. Gregory Jones: Renewing community in a networked society

“Middle-ring” relationships have receded in the new social patterns of American life. We need imaginative Christian leaders to develop institutions that can support and sustain the community we now lack. Read more »

Sermon: Liturgical Seasons

G. Lee Ramsey Jr.: Robed in white around the throne

Halloween, All Saints’, All Souls’ Day and the Day of the Dead remind us of who is in charge of life and death. They help us see God’s revelation, a Memphis pastor says in this sermon. Read more »

Q&A: Christian Leadership

Serene Jones: I did not anticipate how fast change would come

The president of Union Theological Seminary reflects on her six years in office and the rapid pace of change both in her institution and in the church as a whole. Read more »

Reflection: Pastoral Excellence

Elesha Coffman: When pulpit and pew disagree

What can Christian leaders do when the official teachings of mainline Protestant churches and the political ideologies of the laity diverge? Read more »

Q&A: Workplace

Earl Lewis: Universities need to ask critical questions about higher education

The head of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation says that universities need to think more broadly about how they engage communities, while also turning the lens of analysis on themselves. Read more »