Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Shutdown & religious groups
  • Who counts as a Jew?
  • Guidelines for pub theology
  • Youth ministry center grant
  • Future church design
  • Amy Poehler's summer job

Religious groups feel the pinch of government shutdownReligion News Service: As the government shutdown enters its second week, some religious groups are starting to feel the pinch, and they're also finding ways to reach out.

Who counts as a Jew?Religion & Politics: Pew survey does not come close to revealing the range of everyday American Jewish practices, which continue to fall outside the recognized boundaries of religion.Haaretz: Religion matters: Beware the American 'cultural Jew'

Raising the bar on pub theologyDaily Episcopalian: A few guidelines for doing pub theology.

Youth ministry organization awarded grant for theological training of youth and leadersUnited Methodist Reporter: Center for Youth Ministry Training receives grant to fund project to educate youth workers alongside the teenagers with whom they minister.

What the future church looks like: Alabama architect, builder and church win national awardsThe Birmingham (Ala.) Times: Alabama seems to have a strong vision of what the future church looks like, as local firms win awards.

The Spark

Take your licksAmy Poehler was 17 and sticky in the summer of 1989, a few months before she was off to college. In the town where she grew up, young people were expected to have a part-time job. And, as she writes in The New Yorker, she got one, scooping ice cream at Chadwick's.

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