Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/6/2017

  • 'Christian America' dwindling
  • Evangelicals' end-of-life bargain
  • Clinton pastor's book pulled
  • State Dept. sidelining religion
  • Christians & marriage
  • Heschel a dreamer too

'Christian America' dwindling, including white evangelicals, study shows
Religion News Service: The future of religion in America is young, non-Christian and technicolor.
Politico: Study: Political parties transformed by racial, religious changes

Fading white evangelicals have made a desperate end-of-life bargain with Trump
USA Today: Thinking about white evangelicals as a grieving community opens up new ways of understanding their behavior, says PRRI director.

Book by Hillary Clinton's pastor will be pulled from shelves due to extensive plagiarism
The Washington Post: Less than a month after the book's publication, the publishing house that printed it says it is pulling the book off the shelves because it's riddled with plagiarism.

How the State Department has sidelined religion's role in diplomacy
Religion & Politics: First director of the Office of Religion and Global Affairs says the office's work will no longer be carried forward in a tenable way.

Christians are part of the same dating pool as everyone else. That's bad for the church.
The Washington Post: The church, meaning institutionalized Christianity in the United States, is increasingly alone in its formal privileging of marriage and family. But Christians are hardly exempt from wider mating market dynamics.

The Spark

My father, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, was a dreamer too
Today's 800,000 "Dreamers" in the United States are young people brought as babies and little children to this country by parents who entered illegally, Susannah Heschel writes at The Forward. They are now young adults, students and workers, making their contributions to this country. "They are just like my father."

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