Wednesday's News & Ideas - 9/19/2018

  • #MeToo moment in black churches
  • Ex-Willow Creek pastor interview
  • Catholic reform & schism?
  • Evangelicals' midterm political campaign
  • Seminary selling art to fund scholarships
  • Bags of worthless money

In black churches, pastors recognize a #MeToo moment among their clergy
The Los Angeles Times: Black women, the backbone of their churches who far outnumber men as congregants, are in a bind that is historically unique.
Sojourners: Aretha Franklin funeral shows why we need womanist theology

Former Willow Creek pastor Steve Carter breaks his silence on Hybels allegations
Religion news Service: In his first interview since leaving Willow Creek, Steve Carter discusses his decision to quit, his feelings about its founding pastor and the questions he still has for the church.

Could reform of the church mean schism?
National Catholic Reporter: Catholics are going to have to make a choice before too long, and may ultimately see a split in the church unlike anything since the Reformation, says Pat Perriello.

The quiet evangelical campaign to help Republicans hold onto the House and Senate
PBS News Hour: With control of Congress up for grabs and Republicans trying to fight off a "blue wave," evangelical groups have quietly stepped up their political activity to help the GOP hold onto the House and Senate.

To underwrite scholarship fund, the Virginia Theological Seminary will sell ancient Assyrian relief at Christie's
Art News: The Virginia Theological Seminary is selling a 3,000-year-old Assyrian relief, estimated to go for between $10 million and $15 million, to underwrite a scholarship fund.

The Spark

The people making bags out of worthless money
Hyperinflation has ravaged Venezuela's economy, and its old bolivar notes are worth next to nothing. But as the BBC reports, for some enterprising artists, these useless notes are an economic opportunity.

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