Wednesday's News & Ideas - 8/8/2018

  • Willow Creek & accountability
  • Sr. Helen Prejean Q&A
  • Evangelicals of color in Trump era
  • Franklin Graham & Putin
  • Rwanda pastor laws
  • Wellness the new religion?

Willow Creek offers lessons in accountability
Religion News Service: You can have all the clever innovations, seeker-friendly methods and oversight structures in the world, but trouble will catch up with you if you're afraid to hold a leader accountable.

'What Francis did is just huge'
Commonweal: An interview with Sr. Helen Prejean about the Pope's decision to declare the death penalty inadmissible in all cases. Why is this so significant?
The Los Angeles Times: The Catholic Church's opposition to the death penalty began with previous popes

A kind of homelessness: evangelicals of color in the Trump era
Religion & Politics: Headlines about "evangelical" support for the president and his agenda mean that evangelicals of color can seem to be an invisible community.

When Franklin Graham met Putin
Religion News Service: For years, American evangelicals have cultivated ties with Russia, highlighted by a 2015 meeting between Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, and Putin in Russia.

Rwanda restricts fasting as 8,000 churches closed
Christianity Today: New law requires pastors to obtain theology degrees and forbids urging lengthy fasts.

The Spark

How did wellness become our new religion?
How did Gwyneth Paltrow build a lifestyle empire by selling Emotional Detox Bath Soak and countless other products like it? Before you rush to answer, Sara Wilson at Quartzy asks that you pause for a moment to look at the bigger picture.

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