Wednesday's News & Ideas - 8/16/2017

  • Charlottesville Clergy Collective
  • Losing prophetic witness
  • White Christians & white supremacy
  • Raleigh's next bishop
  • Eclipse, an act of God
  • What to do with Confederate statues

How church leaders in Charlottesville prepared for white supremacists
The New Yorker: A coalition of local faith leaders called the Charlottesville Clergy Collective was poised to respond when hate descended on the Virginia town this weekend.

On Christians unable to critique President Trump: loyalty and the Rorschach test
Christianity Today: If you are unable to critique a president, you've lost your prophetic witness, Ed Stetzer says.

White Christians must condemn white supremacy
Religion & Politics: Christians especially must take serious stock of the way their tradition has contributed to the conditions nurturing white nationalism.

The next bishop of Raleigh is from Latin America -- like many in his flock
Religion News Service: Luis Rafael Zarama will be the first Colombian-born bishop to lead a Roman Catholic diocese in the United States, and the state's first Hispanic bishop.

The first solar eclipse to cross America in 99 years is coming. To some, it's an act of God.
The Washington Post: For church groups, the eclipse is an opportunity to evangelize -- or perhaps a harbinger of the end times.

The Spark

What to do with Confederate statues?
What to do with these remnants of the past? Do we just toss them into the ash bin of history, purging them as if they never existed? At The Conversation, James Glaser wonders if Russia could teach us something about how to deal with difficult aspects of our national history.

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