Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • What's the point of church?
  • Challenge and disruption
  • New pope, more open church?
  • Rising from the ashes in San Jose
  • Billy Graham Q&A
  • Mona Lisa of the Seine

Atheist churches and disciple making congregationsDaily Episcopalian: What is the point of church anyway? The emergence of atheist "congregations" requires us to look anew at that question, in our own congregations.

Challenge and disruptionReligion News Service: After nearly 50 years of decline in mainline churches, business as usual is a sinking ship. The way forward lies in fresh ideas, turnaround strategies, entrepreneurial enthusiasm for risk, and learning from failure.United Methodist Reporter: I'm done fixing the church: turning the future over to God

With new pope, a more open Catholic Church?Religion & Politics: Is a new spirit emerging under Pope Francies, one where openness could replace the culture war battles to which the Church has grown accustomed?

San Jose pastor helps church rise from the ashes -- again!San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News: When it comes to determined, hardworking San Jose First United Methodist Church, there are always tribulations to deal with and to overcome.

Q&A: Billy Graham's warning against an epidemic of 'easy believism'Christianity Today: The evangelist speaks to CT on obedience, heaven and hell, and his My Hope campaign.

The Spark

Resusci Anne and L'Inconnue: The Mona Lisa of the SeineMillions of people around the world have learned CPR on a mannequin known as Resusci Anne. The story of the 19th Century beauty behind the model will be told at a symposium in London to mark European Restart a Heart Day, BBC magazine reports. But does anyone really know anything about her?

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