Wednesday's News & Ideas - 7/26/2017

  • Muslim life in America
  • Catholic Church capsizing?
  • Religious right & wrong
  • Morality & health care
  • Retreating from circumcision
  • Dancing pallbearers

The contradictions of Muslim life in Trump's America
The Atlantic: Many Americans are suspicious of those who practice Islam. Many more are trying to reach out.

Is the Catholic Church a capsizing ship?
Religion New Service: Faced with urgent crises, healthy organizations rally together to save the institution they love. Unhealthy organizations play the blame game.

The religious right & wrong
Commonweal: A valid critique gets a mangled delivery.

The morality tale of health care reform
Religion & Politics: American Christianity is profoundly divided about moral issues and about the very meaning of what it means to follow Christ, and those differences are inevitably part of our divided politics.

When Jewish parents decide not to circumcise
The New York Times: Some Jewish parents, aghast at what they see as unnecessary infliction of pain or even mutilation, are retreating from the ancient ritual.

The Spark

Ghana's dancing pallbearers bring funeral joy
Pallbearers are lifting the mood at funerals in Ghana with flamboyant coffin-carrying dances, the BBC reports. Families are increasingly paying for their services to send their loved ones off in style.

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