Wednesday's News & Ideas - 7/12/2017

  • Young dad, back to church
  • Peterson on Trump & US Christianity
  • Mainline's 1st woman of color CEO
  • Pope's 4th path to sainthood
  • Port chaplains
  • Angels in Cadillacs

Why I went back to church
Religion & Politics: Max Perry Mueller went back to church for three reasons: his daughter, his father, and Donald Trump. But mostly what he's confronted are his own failings.

Eugene Peterson on Donald Trump and the state of American Christianity
Religion News Service: The author of the best-selling "The Message Bible" did not mince words when speaking about either topic.
Religion News Service: Eugene Peterson on changing his mind about same-sex issues and marriage

Disciples of Christ elect first woman of color to lead a mainline denomination
Christian Century: Teresa Hord Owens, a descendant of one of Indiana's oldest free black settlements, will be general minister and president.

Pope Francis recognizes fourth path to sainthood
America: Pope Francis has opened the way to declare as saints those who, following in the footsteps and teachings of Jesus, freely choose to give their lives for others in situations that they know will lead to their certain death.

On land or ship, port chaplains offer comfort to seafarers of the world
The Conversation: With 90 percent of global goods coming to us by ship, who are the men and women who care for the crews?

The Spark

Stranger things: when angels show up in Cadillacs
When Sarah Condon was in the third grade a man tried to abduct her in her neighborhood. But, as she writes at Mockingbird, whenever she tells the story, she usually leaves out the weirdest part: The part where God intervened.

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