Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/6/2018

  • Christian campus values collision
  • Hearts, minds & money
  • Grief, ever-present but…
  • Evangelicals & refusal of service
  • Empty silence
  • What are we waiting for?

At Christian colleges, a collision of gay rights and traditional values
The New York Times: Many students want to use their love for Jesus not to uphold traditional values, but to engage with and change the world.
The New York Times: Sex and gender on the Christian campus

Hearts, minds and money: maximizing charitable giving
Knowledge @ Wharton: Wharton's Deborah Small discusses her research on how donors choose organizations to support.

Grief: ever-present but perhaps someday … beautiful?
Baptist News Global: Four years after her brother's death, the Rev. Amy Butler has become convinced that grief is like a super high maintenance boyfriend.

Poll: 51% of white evangelicals support business' refusal of service to LGBT customers
USA Today: While a majority of Americans oppose religion-based refusal of service to LGBT customers, most white evangelicals support such measures.

A minute's silence in school is too often a cover for having nothing to say
The (London) Guardian: Silence can be an easy, faux-profound way of honoring something deep. No wonder pupils are getting sick of it, Giles Fraser says.

The Spark

What are we waiting for?
Back in college, Marc Barnes and his friends were all Christians, but they were also all talk, he writes at Commonweal. They had been waiting to do something for the Lord, but they couldn't explain what they were waiting for. "Now I know: I was waiting for money."

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