Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/27/2018

  • Travel ban decision
  • American two-state solution?
  • Court win for pro-life movement
  • Faith leaders in the public square
  • Rabbi to head Graduate Theological Union
  • Lessons from McCartney & Corden

Supreme Court upholds Trump's travel ban
Religion News Service: The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld President Trump's temporary ban on refugees and immigrants from a group of primarily Muslim-majority countries in a 5-4 decision, arguing it is within the executive branch's power to "suspend entry of aliens into the United States."
The Atlantic: The Supreme Court's green light to discriminate
National Review: The Supreme Court gets the 'travel ban' case right

Should Trump staffers be able to eat in peace?
Religion News Service: Jeffrey Salkin fears this is where we are headed. The utter destruction of any semblance of civility in our society -- until we simply break apart -- sociologically, culturally, even geographically.

The Supreme Court hands a win to the pro-life movement
The Atlantic: Conservative justices decided in favor of crisis-pregnancy centers in NIFLA v. Becerra on First Amendment grounds.

7 suggestions for tuning our voice in the public square
Baptist News Global: Faith leaders, including those who lead seminaries, must not be silent in the face of an increasingly fractious and violent society that challenges our most deeply held Christian convictions, Molly T. Marshal says.

Orthodox-trained rabbi makes history as head of a mostly Christian theology center
Jewish Telegraph Agency: Rabbi Daniel Lehmann will be the first rabbi to lead the Berkeley-based Graduate Theological Union, a consortium of more than 20 mostly Christian institutions.

The Spark

The grace-filled encounter between Paul McCartney and James Corden
James Martin, S.J., doesn't usually comment on too many "non-religious" or "non-spiritual" things, but thought he would make an exception, he writes at America. A few days ago, he watched Sir Paul McCartney's "Carpool Karaoke" video with the television host James Corden video, as did 16 million other people, and found it deeply moving.

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