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  • Religion & politics 2012
  • America's history of Nones
  • Where were the humanists?
  • Ecclesial fiscal cliff
  • Stolen Bibles
  • 5 easy things for 2013

Biggest moves in religion and politics in 2012CNN Belief blog: Here are the 10 most important ways religion influenced politics and culture in 2012.Religion News Service: From nuns to 'nones,' 10 ways religion shaped the news in 2012

All those religious "nones" out there: As American as apple pie?US Catholic: Contrary to many who think America's founders were churchgoing regulars, the United States has long been a nation of the unaffiliated -- or at least largely unorganized.

In a crisis, humanists seem absentThe New York Times: The tableau of grief and mourning after Newtown has provided a vivid lesson in the religious variety of America. But where were the humanists?

Beware the ecclesial fiscal cliffDaily Episcopalian: Many, perhaps most, Christian congregations in the United States are approaching an ecclesial fiscal cliff defined by declining memberships and rising costs.

Police recover stolen Bible after church's string of bad luckReligion News Service: A scruffy-looking man walked up and down St. Louis' antiques row trying to peddle an old Bible to store owners, but several thought something was amiss.KSLA TV: Pastor's iPad stolen while Bible was being downloaded

The Spark

Five easy things for a happier yearWe all like making lists of New Year's Resolutions. And most of the time, we have a really hard time keeping them because they're so difficult. In America, James Martin, SJ, offers five easy things you can do for a happier life in 2013. And they're a lot easier than losing 20 pounds.

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