Wednesday's News & Ideas - 6/13/2018

  • SBC grapples with gender
  • Sexual purity & #ChurchToo
  • Court decision on SC churches
  • Face of God?
  • Ireland to vote on blasphemy law
  • Pomona commencement address

Amid a #MeToo culture, Southern Baptists mull ways to increase women's roles
Religion News Service: Delegates to the SBC annual meeting are having heart-to-heart discussions about future possibilities for women in a denomination that walks a "complementarian" line.
The Washington Post: Southern Baptists adopt resolutions on abuse and affairs, in a season of grappling with gender

Sexual purity, #ChurchToo, and the crisis of male evangelical leadership
Religion & Politics: The work of #ChurchToo cannot be undertaken within evangelical churches without first re-assessing, if not dismantling, the stringent purity culture which remains a prominent feature of youth ministries, Sara Moslener says.

Supreme Court denies breakaway Episcopal group control of its churches
Religion News Service: The Episcopal Church in South Carolina is preparing to reclaim control of more than two dozen properties worth an estimated $500 million after the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to hear an appeal brought by a breakaway group of conservative Anglican congregations.

This is the face of God, according to opinions from American Christians
Newsweek: Liberals considered God more feminine and "loving," according to the study, and conservatives considered God more masculine and "powerful."

Ireland will vote in a referendum on its blasphemy law
Quartz: People in the Republic of Ireland will be able to vote in a referendum on whether the nation can speak sacrilegiously about God or sacred things without legal consequences.

The Spark

A radically woke and deeply conservative commencement address
Harvard professor Danielle Allen's commence address at Pomona College was among the best at this year's graduations, The Atlantic reports. Her analysis of the Declaration of Independence, was "equally likely to engage and discomfit ambitious careerists, woke progressives, and Claremont-Institute-style conservatives."

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