Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/2/2018

  • 12 most effective preachers
  • Driving Americans from religion?
  • Religion & support for same-sex marriage
  • What made Catholic Church modern?
  • How the chaplain blew it
  • Hawking's multiverse finale

These are the 12 most 'effective' preachers in the English language
CNN: For only the second time in two decades, Baylor University has released its list of the 12 most "effective" preachers in the English language. It is among the most prestigious honors in the preaching profession -- one that has changed the lives of previous recipients.
CNN: See what put these 12 preachers on Baylor's list

Is the Christian Right driving Americans away from religion?
Pacific-Standard: New research finds that, when evangelical organizations raise their profile by sponsoring a high-profile political campaign, a backlash ensues.

Same-sex marriage has support among most American religious groups, study shows
Religion News Service: Most religious groups now support same-sex marriage being legal, according to a study released today from PRRI, the Public Religion Research Institute.

How the crisis of the 1930s made the Catholic Church modern
Aeon: Massive institutions do not fundamentally transform themselves in moments of relative placidity, but in moments of crisis, destruction and fear. The early 1960s were not such a moment for the Church. The 1930s, however, were.

How the chaplain blew it
Religion News Service: When it comes to religion, "political" is just another way of saying "relevant," says Jeffrey Salkin.

The Spark

Prof Stephen Hawking's multiverse finale
Professor Stephen Hawking's final research paper suggests that our Universe may be one of many similar to our own. As the BBC reports, the theory resolves a cosmic paradox of the late physicist's own making.

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