Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/17/2017

  • Pastor gets political
  • Michael Curry Q&A
  • Seminary education
  • Evangelical's 'dream president'
  • Lessons from A Serious Man
  • Monuments & memorials

When this pastor got political
Christianity Today: Keith Mannes thought a town hall meeting would be the perfect venue to fight for justice. He was oh-so-wrong.

Healing a house divided: an interview with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
Religion & Politics: The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry on our current political divisions and how they can be healed.

Making seminary education global, personal and horizonal
Baptist News Global: Our calling, is to live into the best days of the church and theological education, moving forward faithfully with global perspectives, personal attentiveness, and horizonal preparation, Molly T. Marshall says.

Trump is evangelicals' 'dream president.' Here's why.
The Washington Post: Even in an era of marriage diversity, it remains the most unlikely match: President Trump and his loyal evangelical base.

You need to see 'A Serious Man' again
Religion News Service: The three rabbis in A Serious Man are object lessons to rabbis, and to anyone who cares about religious wisdom, Jeffrey Salkin says.

The Spark

The meaning of our Confederate 'monuments'
The debate around Confederate monuments has been heated and, Gary Shapiro believes, misguided. In The New York Times, he says we should be asking other questions instead: Are these statues really "monuments"? Or are they "memorials"?

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