Wednesday's News & Ideas - 5/16/2018

  • End of just wars?
  • Churches without God
  • Embassy & God's plan
  • Nuns overdoing social media
  • Catholic glossolalia
  • Barn weddings

Israel, Gaza, and the end of just wars
The Week: Welcome to the post-just-war world.

The elusive phenomenon of churches without God
The Economist: When a group sings, talks and bonds like a religion but may not be one.

Is Jerusalem embassy part of God's grand plan? Why some evangelicals love Israel
Religion News Service: Evangelicals' influence on the decision to move the Israel embassy suggests that United States policy in the Middle East is now heavily influenced by dispensational theology, John Fea says.
Religion News Service: The new American embassy's messianic moment

Vatican advises nuns not to overindulge in social media
The (London) Guardian: Guidelines issued after cloistered nuns protested on Facebook over Pamplona gang-rape acquittal.

I'm Catholic and I speak in tongues
Busted Halo: Sarah Garone is part of a small contingent of Catholics that embraces speaking in tongues as a treasured component of a healthy prayer life.

The Spark

Why is everybody getting married in a barn?
It's May. Which means it's wedding season. Which means a whole lot of Americans will soon be partying in a barn, the Atlantic reports. And yes, there will be mason jars.

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