Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Vibrant future for religion?
  • Papal tweets
  • Miracle in the UK
  • Luther Seminary president resigns
  • Tenn. Baptist leader: SBC irrelevant
  • The end is near! (Not)

A vibrant, but different, future for religion in the U.S.Washington Post: Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport says religion remains a fundamentally potent and prevalent force in American society today and is likely to remain so.

Pope Benedict sends first tweetsWashington Post: The pontiff's first tweet is a blessing to his 1 million Twitter followers.Washington Post: For Twitter, a lofty purpose as Pope Benedict XVI makes his first tweet

2011 census shock revelation: Christianity is still the majority religion, and Britain is still a God-fearing countryThe (London) Telegraph: After a decade of Dawkinism, paedophile scandals and secularism, it's nothing short of miraculous that most Britons still cling to their faith.The (London) Guardian: Census reveals decline of Christianity and rise in foreign born to one in eight

Head of Luther Seminary in St. Paul resigns amid financial woesMinneapolis Star-Tribune: The president of Luther Seminary in St. Paul has resigned amid rising maintenance costs and declining enrollment.

Tennessee Baptist leader says goodbyeAssociated Baptist Press: A longtime pastor says decades of infighting between Southern Baptists have made the denomination irrelevant to most Americans.

The Spark

Our never ending obsession with the apocalypseFears that the world will end on 21 December are rife. And BBC science reporter Quentin Cooper has some bad news: The world is indeed going to end. But he also has some good news: Probably not anytime soon. Why are we so fixated with end of the world theories?

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