Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Change isn’t optional
  • America’s youngest editor
  • Fringe NC bill & loss of identity
  • McCormick seminary head
  • CoE rejects same-sex blessing
  • Secret to success: Give

Change or dieReligion News Service: Many church leaders continue to believe that reinvention and change are optional. Those attitudes are delusional, says Tom Ehrich. The reality is: reinvent or die.

A priest in the new pope’s order seeks to move heartsThe New York Times: Jesuit weekly magazine America has never had a chief editor as young as the Rev. Matt Malone.

North Carolina’s “official religion”: The convoluted history of American states and established religionsReligion & Politics: More than a political statement, fringe bill was an expression of regional angst toward the loss of a desired regional identity, as much religious as it is political.

McCormick head looks to build on seminary’s pastHyde Park (Ill.) Herald: McCormick seminary president Frank Yamada sees school focusing on diversity, innovation and technology and connecting with the next generation of spiritual leaders.

Church of England rejects blessings for same-sex couplesThe (London) Guardian: Report stresses immutable definition of marriage as “legally sanctioned relationship between a man and a woman.”Spiegel: Senate says 'I do': France moves closer to same-sex marriage

The Spark

The secret to success is giving, not takingWe all know what successful people look like. They do whatever it takes, have sharp elbows, and know how to take what is theirs. But there is a different, better path to success, argues management professor Adam Grant. As Scientific American reports, some of the most successful people are in fact classic “givers,” people who genuinely try to help those around them.

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