Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Grandma's never coming back
  • Catholics in Cuba
  • Born with belief?
  • Tebow, cosmopolitan Christian
  • Fighting youth violence in Cleveland
  • Better ways of being ignorant

Grandma's never coming backAssociated Baptist Press: Like families, churches sometimes struggle with grief over loss of the "way things used to be."

Catholics in Cuba, no longer shunned, seek a new roleWashington Post: Once shunned, Catholics in Cuba now openly practice their religion, as the church here and the visiting pope pursue soft-power politics, gently pushing for change.CNN: Fidel Castro asks for 'modest and simple' meeting with pope

People are born with religious belief argues new bookThe Daily Beast: A controversial new book contends that we are all born predisposed to religious belief.

Tebow, a careful evangelicalThe New York Times: Those with an opinion of Tim Tebow may not understand his religious beliefs beyond the broad label of evangelical Christian.

Megachurch pastor R.A. Vernon takes aim at Greater Cleveland's youth violenceThe (Cleveland) Plain Dealer: Rev. R.A. Vernon, founder and senior pastor of The Word Church, challenges youth to leave guns and violence behind.

The bat mitzvah turns 90, and religious equality for Jewish women is still growingPhiladelphia Inquirer: When 12-year-old Judith Kaplan was summoned by her rabbi father to read from her Bible and recite some blessings, the act was revolutionary.

The Spark

What science wants to knowYou have to know a lot to be a scientist, but knowing a lot is not what makes a scientist, neurobiologist Stuart Firestein writes in the Scientific American. What makes a scientist is ignorance. In science, every new discovery raises 10 new questions. For all we have come to know, there is far more we don't know. One crucial outcome of scientific knowledge is to generate new and better ways of being ignorant.

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