Wednesday's News & Ideas - 4/19/2017

  • Pastor sexist?
  • Safe & fun church?
  • Georgetown's day of repentance
  • Sermons #1
  • Chittister's take on humility
  • Retreat, not advance

Is your pastor sexist?
The New York Times: The debate on women's roles, in church and at home, must be aired, and damaging theology challenged, Julia Baird says.

Church: Safe and fun for the whole family?
Baptist News Global: If your church doesn't make you uncomfortable from time to time, you need to find a new church, Mark Wingfield says. Or listen more closely.

Grappling with its history of slavery, Georgetown gathers descendants for a day of repentance
The Washington Post: Most of the people who filed into a chapel at Georgetown University had never set foot on the Gothic college campus before. But all of them were intimately connected with the college.

The hottest thing at church is not your pastor or worship leader
Christianity Today: According to Gallup, it's the sermon.

Joan Chittister's 'radical' take on humility, fake news and social media
Religion News Service: For the popular activist and author, freedom comes from living out the 12 degrees of humility found in the Rule of St. Benedict. And they're just as applicable today.

The Spark

Retreat, not advance (or how I made it to New York without a wallet)
"It is called a 'retreat,' not an 'advance.'" That was the advice Connor Gwin received from a Brother from the Society of St. John the Evangelist before his first week-long retreat. Writing at Mockingbird, Gwin says, "This is not what I wanted to hear."

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