Wednesday's News & Ideas - 3/8/2017

  • 'Church hurt'
  • Mormons & Muslims
  • Facts or truth?
  • Dreher interview
  • Christianity & urban renewal
  • Adulting school

Amid a wave of 'church hurt,' one Boston pastor tries to repair Christians' relationship with God
The Washington Post: "Church hurt" -- the pain sometimes inflicted by religious institutions -- is an increasingly prominent topic of discussion among Christian clergy.

What do Mormons and Muslims have in common?
Politico: American politics has a long history of questioning the "real" status of religions -- generally with an eye to stripping their members of Constitutional rights, Stephen Prothero says.

Facts or truth? What's keeping you grounded?
Baptist News Global: Instead of scrambling for facts, people of faith need to embrace truth that remains constant no matter who sits in the oval office, the Rev. Amy Butler says.

The culture war and the Benedict Option: An interview with Rod Dreher
Religion & Politics: Rod Dreher's blend of localism, anti-consumerism, and conservative sexual politics can make him seem like a hybrid of Wendell Berry and Pope Benedict XVI, at once skeptical of modern capitalism and opposed to modern sexual mores.

Would Jesus be a gentrifier? How Christianity is embracing urban renewal
The (London) Guardian: To a new breed of churches, dilapidated neighborhoods are the fallen world - and salvation lies not just in prayer but in pop-ups, vintage shops and bakeries.

The Spark

"Adulting school" can't short-cut the hard, self-taught work of growing up
Young people overwhelmed by the challenges of adulthood can now find instruction at The Adulting School, a website where people can gain the skills they need to feel like an adult. But as Quartz reports, the idea has sparked both plaudits and scorn.

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