Wednesday's News & Ideas - 3/7/2018

  • Pope's popularity in U.S.
  • Evangelical women & Trump
  • Lutheran seminary leadership crisis
  • Saving Muslim women?
  • Vatican's hackathon
  • Biology & tribalism

Pope Francis still highly regarded in U.S., but signs of disenchantment emerge
Pew Forum: Five years after his election, pope draws growing number of negative assessments, especially from Catholic Republicans.

For such a time as this: conservative evangelical women and the Trump presidency
Religion & Politics: The nation's leading advocacy group for conservative evangelical women reveals deep-seated ambivalence toward Donald Trump, but almost certainly not enough to push these voters across the aisle.

Lutheran seminary faces leadership crisis over president's past LGBTQ beliefs
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: A Lutheran seminary in eastern Pennsylvania is facing a leadership crisis due to a belated disclosure that the president of the LGBTQ-affirming school once directed an organization that said gay Christians should change or at least resist same-sex attractions as a temptation to sin.

Muslim women don't need saving from their religion
Religion News Service: Issues concerning the status of women are not unique to Muslims but are at least equally problematic in the U.S. generally, says Maha Elgenaidi.

Vatican hosts first hackathon to tackle global issues
The (London) Guardian: Three-day event will focus on social inclusion, migrants and refugees and interfaith dialogue.

The Spark

Why we engage in tribalism,nationalism, and scapegoating
Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky has spent much of his career studying baboons and other primates, and he uses that knowledge to put human behavior into a broader perspective. In an interview with Pacific-Standard, he discussed the biological basis of our current political fault lines.

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