Wednesday's News & Ideas - 3/15/2017

  • Christians & fake news
  • Fight for SBC's soul
  • Princeton alums & Keller award
  • Policy of welcoming refugees
  • Mother Divine, RIP
  • Flying Chinese farmers

The fake out: Why it matters that some Christians are embracing fake news
Baptist News Global: Whether Christians are on the giving end or the receiving end of fake news, the false narratives emerge as a coping mechanism against losing face, losing power, losing privilege, Mark Wingfield says.

Russell Moore and the fight for the soul of the Southern Baptist Convention
The Atlantic: The backlash against the conservative evangelical leader reveals deep tensions in his denomination.

Tim Keller to receive Princeton Seminary award but some alumni are unhappy
The Christian Post: Redeemer Presbyterian founder is set to receive the 2017 Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Witness at Princeton Theological Seminary next month but some alumni are disgruntled because of his church's position on women and LGBT individuals in ministry.

The conservative tradition of welcoming refugees
Religion & Politics: We need a smart and humane refugee program more than ever.

Mother Divine, who took over her husband's cult, dies at 91
The New York Times: Mother Divine, who led the International Peace Mission Movement after her husband's death in 1965, died on March 4. She was 91.

The Spark

The amazing flying machines of Chinese farmers
All across China, in the most unexpected places, Xiaoxiao Xu photographed amateur aeronauts building their own aircraft in backyards and sheds. She tells the BBC how she was inspired by farmers with dreams of taking to the sky.

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