Wednesday's News & Ideas - 3/13/2019

  • German UMC  rejects Traditional Plan
  • Amy Butler on Lent, politics, sin & loss
  • U.S. Catholics question membership
  • Religious parenting strategies
  • Pope Francis after six years
  • Waffle House vistas

German church won't impose Traditional Plan bans
United Methodist News Service: Executive committee of the UMC in Germany says that stipulations in the Traditional Plan are unacceptable and the church in Germany will not impose the stricter penalties laid out in the plan.

Why Rev. Amy Butler is talking politics, sin and loss this Lent
Religion News Service: The Rev. Amy Butler explains why Riverside Church is honing in on topics she says progressive Christians sometimes gloss over.

Many U.S. Catholics question their membership amid scandal
Gallup: As the Catholic church responds to more allegations of sexual abuse of young people by priests, an increasing percentage of Catholics are re-examining their commitment to the religion

Bending without breaking: What new research is saying about effective religious parenting strategies
ARDA: Making difficult decisions -- on issues ranging from fathers being open to parental leave to parents embracing family faith activities -- may enrich your child's life in multiple ways into young adulthood and beyond.

Sixth year may go down as the most decisive in Francis' papacy
National Catholic Reporter: Under Francis, the new evangelization means leaving our sacristies and getting our hands dirty in the streets, says Michael Sean Winters.
Religion News Service: The good, the bad and the merciful: Pope Francis after six years

The Spark

Waffle House vistas
Waffle House does not care how much you are worth, what you look like, where you are from, what your political beliefs are, or where you've been so long as you respect the unwritten rules of Waffle House: Be kind, be respectful, and don't overstay when others are waiting for a table. At The Bitter Southerner, "Waffle House vistas."

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