Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Prayer truck in Brooklyn
  • Was it only rock’n’roll?
  • American, a spiritual state of mind
  • Contraception mandate pushback
  • EU religion policy
  • Plink, plonk & gerplunk

In a truck in Brooklyn, a church offers spiritual guidanceThe New York Times: After a long winter off the street, the four-year-old RV/prayer station has returned to its spot on Fifth Avenue.

Stones words banned from tombClassic Rock: Church of England tells the sons of a late rock fan they can’t have “It was only rock’n'roll” engraved on his tomb.

Being American is a spiritual state of mindNational Catholic Reporter: The Christian idea and the American idea are not the same, but the same spirit runs through them like blood through a body.

Broad coalition says contraception mandate a religious liberty threatReligion News Service: A coalition spearheaded by Catholic and Southern Baptist leaders is pushing back against Obama administration rules on contraception mandate.

A religious policy by stealthThe Economist, Erasmus blog: You probably didn’t notice, but the European Union has just acquired a religion policy.

The Spark

In competitive stone-skipping circles, a rocky debate over equipmentAmong competitive stone-skippers, nothing makes ripples like a disagreement about regulation rocks. As The Wall Street Journal reports, the latest dispute in this sport for people who skim small stones across water is over imports used in competition. Are some competitors bringing rocks from other places that offer an unfair advantage?

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