Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Pitfalls of interfaith marriage
  • Threat of older congregations
  • Boston clergy abuse film
  • Womenpriest movement grows
  • N.C. state religion bill
  • No apology

Marrying out of the faithThe New York Times: Once you begin to think about it, it's obvious how many potential pitfalls await interfaith couples, but it is often not obvious to them.

How do churches get new bums on seats? Get rid of the boring old onesThe (London) Guardian: Andrew Brown says the biggest threat to the future of the Church of England is the congregations who now seem to hold all its remaining life.

DreamWorks, Participant pick up church sex abuse scandal filmHollywood Reporter: Studios acquire film rights to the story of the Catholic Church's decades-long sex-abuse cover-up as uncovered during an investigation by the Boston Globe.

Despite censures, Womenpriests movement growsReligion News Service: If heading a religious community is a lonely job for any woman, a Catholic Womenpriest might be the loneliest of all.

Proposal would allow state religion in North CarolinaWRAL: A bill filed by GOP lawmakers would allow N.C. to declare an official religion and seek to nullify any federal ruling against Christian prayer by public bodies statewide.

The Spark

Why not apologizing makes you feel betterDespite abundant research on the psychological value of apologizing, we all know people who have done stupid, silly and evil things, and then told the world they've done nothing wrong. So, as NPR reports, psychologists recently decided to take a new tack: If so many people don't like to do it, there must be psychological value in not apologizing, too.

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