Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Lonely college presidents
  • Unconventional church/apartments
  • Best brew: Trappist beer
  • Restored to membership
  • Priest and bishop reconcile
  • You can be creative

A lonesome minefield: College presidents discuss the demands of the jobChronicle of Higher Education: The college presidency is an often-lonely place, where the only certainty is a pending ambush.

Unconventional project combines church, apartmentsAssociated Baptist Press: After two years of construction, a D.C.-area congregation returns to a new facility designed both for outreach and to reinvigorate a congregation formerly in decline.

Belgian Trappists' brew ranks as world's best on beer-lovers websiteCatholic News Service: A hearty dark brown beer produced at a Trappist monastery in Belgium has been rated the world's best brew by an online community of beer lovers.

A crusading suffragist is restored to church membershipThe New York Times: To her admirers, Elizabeth Bartlett Grannis was a humanitarian, social reformer and pioneering suffragist. To First Church Disciples of Christ, she was a "disturber of the peace."

Toronto gay priest James Ferry and former Anglican archbishop Terence Finlay reconcileToronto Star: Two Toronto clergymen do not want a confrontation 20 years ago -- one that scandalized the traditional and appalled the progressive in the Anglican Church -- to define them.

Catholic bishops urge day of fasting to protest insurance mandatePhiladelphia Inquirer: Calling the Obama administration's mandated insurance coverage for contraceptives an "assault" on religious freedom, Pennsylvania's Catholic bishops urge day of prayer and fasting.

The Spark

How to be creativeCreativity can seem like magic, something that only people like Steve Jobs and Bob Dylan can perform, not mere mortals like us. They're "creative types." We're not. But the myth of the "creative type" is just that -- a myth, Jonah Lehrer tells the Wall Street Journal. In fact, everyone has the potential to be the next Milton Glaser or Yo-Yo Ma .

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