Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • UMC path unsustainable
  • US Shiite Muslims
  • Einstein's 'God letter' on eBay
  • Tourists destroying Sistine Chapel?
  • Strategy & iocane power
  • No roaming allowed

Final report: Church path 'unsustainable'United Methodist News Service: UMC's way of doing business remains "unsustainable," and 2012 General Conference changes are insufficient to address the denomination's challenges.

Shiite Muslims quietly establish a foothold in U.S.Religion News Service: Until recently, the overwhelming share of U.S. Muslims were Sunni. That's changing as Shiite Muslims flee persecution in their homelands.

Albert Einstein's 'God Letter' expected to sell for £2m at auctionThe (London) Telegraph: A letter handwritten by physicist Albert Einstein a year before his death, expressing his views on religion, will be sold on eBay this month.

Vatican in row over 'drunken tourist herds' destroying Sistine Chapel's majestyThe (London) Guardian: Noted Italian author calls for limit on crowd numbers to preserve Michelangelo's art in Vatican City, Rome.

"The Princess Bride" and the Man in Black's lessons in competitive strategyFast Company: The best way to stay ahead of your competitors is to win the battle before it begins. Time to start building your resistance to iocane powder.

The Spark

Do you know where your children are? Is that always a good thing?There was a time -- and it wasn't that long ago -- when kids would leave home on a summer morning and roam free. But as NPR's Robert Krulwich reports, that was then. But it's not now.

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