Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Church's generational narrowness
  • Nones, politics & faith
  • Social media & dying
  • Keeping the faith on campus
  • Pastor's sermon workout
  • County fair photos

Searching for a new imprintReligion News Service: Churches tend to become generationally narrow -- focused on a single generation that shares a certain moment of imprint like grand hymns of the 1950s or contemporary Christian rock.

Declaring you're a 'none'The Berkeley Blog: For now, the "nones" seem to be more about cultural or political issues than about faith itself.

How social media is changing the way we approach deathThe Atlantic: Death has long been taboo in an American culture that values youth, but an open conversation online can increase our enjoyment of life and understanding of its eventual end.

How to keep the faith on campusWashington Post: The college years can be awkward and unsettling. But it can also be a moment of grace if we do not rush it.

Spiritual fitness: Pastor works out during sermonsCBS News: A pastor in Lodi, Calif., is so committed to fitness that he's now working out while delivering his sermon.

The Spark

Capturing the human dramas at county fairsPhotographer Greg Miller isn't really interested in fairs, per se -- at least not the rides or the colors or the lights. As evidenced by his photos at Slate's photo blog, he's more interested in the people you find there .

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