Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Love, joy, peace & suspicion
  • Weary of the anti-ecclesial rhetoric
  • Intra-Catholic debate
  • CoE gay stance slammed
  • Bad Vestments
  • Hello

The cynicism trap: why trusting fellow Christians is a spiritual disciplineChristianity Today, her.meneutics blog: Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. And suspicion?

The anti-ecclesial rhetoric of emerging church movementsPatheos: Ben Witherington has grown weary of the pitting of the "church" over against Jesus, or "the established church" over against more "organic" models of Christianity.

My Take: Paul Ryan will provoke a debate on Catholic politicsCNN Belief blog: As Ryan and Biden articulate their views, we will be tuning into an intra-Catholic conversation pitting "social justice" Christians on the left versus "family values" Christians on the right.The New York Times: A historical benchmark for religion and race

Anglican stance on same-sex marriage 'morally contemptible', says gay clericThe (London) Guardian: Jeffrey John, the dean of St. Albans, accuses Rowan Williams of hardening the Church of England's attitude to gay marriage.The (London) Guardian: Under Rowan Williams, the church has failed gay people

Q&A: Blogger has mission to expose 'Bad Vestments'United Methodist Reporter: What do you do say about a pastor who wears a feather boa as a stole? If you're Christopher S. Johnson, you'll post a photo on your blog, "Bad Vestments."

The Spark

Aug. 15, 1877: 'Hello. Can you hear me now?'Thomas Edison invented a lot of things, for sure, but one thing he didn't invent was the telephone. But on this day in 1877, he did suggest using the word "hello" as a telephone greeting, Wired reports. The idea caught on.

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