Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Partners on climate change
  • Religion & Downton Abbey
  • Religious leaders against gun violence
  • Forgive Lance Armstrong?
  • Ivy education without the debt?
  • Positive procrastination

At a climate protest, science and religionThe New York Times, Green blog: Leaders from science and religion gather in front of the White House to protest what they cast as government inaction on climate change.

Religion and Downton AbbeyReligion & Ethics Newsweekly: Virginia Theological Seminary dean ponders religious and spiritual themes in the series, from the invisibility of God to the relationship between faith and a rapidly changing social order.

Religious coalition takes on the gun lobbyReligion News Service: Dozens of the nation's faith leaders say that they're ready to take on the gun lobby and demand that politicians take quick and concrete steps to stem gun violence.

Should we forgive Lance Armstrong?America: As a Christian, James Martin, SJ, is inclined to say that we should forgive Lance Armstrong. But he'll look elsewhere for an example of how to "live strong."

An Ivy education without the debt? Minerva Project creates non-profit to figure out howGigom: The Minerva Project has grand ambitions to bring a Harvard-level education to the Web without exorbitant tuition and traditional professor hiring practices.Business Insider: Online startup plans to create 'Ivy caliber' education for half the price

The Spark

This was supposed to be my column for New Year's DayFor the past 5 years, or maybe 10, John Tierney has been meaning to publish a New Year's Day column offering a bold resolution for the coming year: "The Power of Positive Procrastination." Well, Jan. 15 is close enough, Tierney writes in The New York Times. You can stop feeling guilty for procrastinating. Science has come up with a defense of your condition.

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