Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • A saint's unlikely champion
  • Catholic to evangelical & back
  • God's tax subsidies
  • Right out of the mainstream
  • Next round of gay marriage fights
  • Intelligence & human worth

In hero of the Catholic Left, a conservative cardinal sees a saintThe New York Times: Dorothy Day has found a seemingly unlikely champion in New York's conservative archbishop, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan.

A Catholic homecomingChicago Tribune: Chris Haw explores his journey from evangelicalism back to Catholicism.Science 2.0: Religion in America: Evangelicals surge as Catholics wane

God's tax subsidiesSlate: A proposal to raise taxes on churches would probably be greeted as nothing short of Bolshevism, but Matthew Yglesias says it raises an important point.

Christian right falls from mainstreamNashville Tennessean: Since the day Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, white Christians have considered themselves the home team in American politics, but those days may be over.

In U.S. fight over gay marriage, both sides gearing up for more battlesReuters: After a watershed year for gay marriage in the U.S., advocates have staked out a handful of states where they believe the next round of fights can be won.

The Spark

Why is intelligence the measure of ultimate human worth?For some unexplainable reason, people often equate intelligence with human worth, Satoshi Kanazawa writes at Big Think. In his book, "The Intelligence Paradox," Kanazawa challenges some of the common misconceptions that people have about the nature of intelligence: What it is, what it does, and what it is good for (if anything).

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