Wednesday's News & Ideas - 12/6/2017

  • God's plan for Pence
  • Beauty of dappled things
  • Canada, religion & multiculturalism
  • Danger of religious lies
  • Handel's Messiah & empire
  • The first Scrooge

God's plan for Mike Pence
The Atlantic: Will the vice president -- and the religious right -- be rewarded for their embrace of Donald Trump?

Seeing the beauty of dappled things: Gerard Manley Hopkins
Cardus: Pediatric oncologist Raymond C. Barfield explains how a poet taught him how to see again.

Religion, multiculturalism and the public square
Policy Options: Canada's celebrated multiculturalism could be at stake if the different religions and traditions cannot withstand the secularism driving elements of public policy.

The real danger of religious lies
CNN: Why religious lies are so dangerous and difficult to eradicate.

For unto (some of) us a child is born: Handel's Messiah and the voice of empire rising
Religion Dispatches: Attention should be paid to the theology of the libretto for Handel's Messiah. Who exactly is the "us" in "For unto us a child is born?"

The Spark

The first Scrooge
At the BBC, how the world's best-known miser was brought to life.

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