Wednesday's News & Ideas - 12/5/2018

  • George H.W. Bush & faith
  • Dying & mourning in a secular age
  • LGBTQ debate & Seattle churches
  • Tijuana faith groups & the caravan
  • Vatican & China
  • Peace in urban solitude

For George H.W. Bush, religion was low-key but deep
The Economist: The Episcopal Church, with all its grandeur, nostalgia and contradiction, was a natural spiritual dwelling-place for George H.W. Bush.
Religion News Service: The quiet, steely faith of George H.W. Bush
National Catholic Reporter: 'Excuse me, but what about Willie Horton?'

What does dying -- and mourning -- look like in a secular age?
Vox: Twenty-nine percent of Americans anticipate a secular funeral. What happens when you die and you don't follow any faith tradition?

'I am a gay Christian': Debates about LGBTQ acceptance roil Seattle-area nonprofits, churches
The Seattle Times: Achingly personal stories - parents losing their gay son, Christians losing their jobs in faith-based organizations after coming out - are prompting some groups to reexamine their discriminatory positions on sexuality and gender.

Faith groups in Tijuana rise to meet needs of migrant caravan waiting at the border
Religion News Service: In a border city overwhelmed with more than 6,000 asylum-seekers, one group had bulked up its meal program to serve more than 1,200 breakfasts a day.

China reneges on its deals. The Vatican is learning that the hard way.
The Atlantic: The disappearance of a bishop is an object lesson in interacting with Beijing.

The Spark

Small, but not forgotten
Being an intern at Commonweal last summer softened the blow of transitioning into a workday routine for Nicole-Ann Lobo. But often as she commuted home to her 14th floor room, a question would nag, an anxiety she suspects others her age share: Is there even a point?

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