Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • Pontiff for the poor
  • McLuhan on innovation
  • Spirituality & climate change
  • Retired pastor still going
  • SBC cartoon fallout in Ky.
  • How power corrupts the mind

The economic vision of Pope Francis, a pontiff for the poorReligion & Politics: Everyone from full-time Vaticanologists to the average Catholic in the pew recognizes a shift, a change of emphasis and style, and a laser-like focus on the poor from the new pope.

Marshall McLuhan's four innovation fundamentalsBig Think: Marshall McLuhan's underlying ideas on innovation are a powerful blueprint for innovation in the digital age.

Book provides interfaith spiritual perspective on our ecological disasterNational Catholic Reporter: Wise new book is a beautiful collection of interfaith essays by some of our greatest thinkers about the environment, spirituality and catastrophic climate change.

Tending the flock: 12 years into his retirement, pastor still making house callsLaCrosse (Wisc.) Tribune: Though he retired a dozen years ago, Pastor B, as he's commonly known, has not stopped kicking.

Ky. pastor's wife criticizes Southern Baptists in column, church wants him to resignAssociated Press: A newspaper column lampooning Southern Baptists is causing quite a stir in a Kentucky city and put a pastor's job in jeopardy.

The Spark

How power corrupts the mindWe've always known anecdotally that power gets to our heads. And as The Atlantic reports, recent research confirms it. A decade of research on power and behavior show there are some predictable ways people react to power.

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