Wednesday's News & Ideas - 11/7/2018

  • Unsafe to be Jewish in U.S.?
  • Ego & leadership
  • Caravan is an exodus
  • Liberation theology
  • Missionary media impact
  • Scourge of perfectionism

Is it dangerous to be Jewish in America?
Religion News Service: Is this a time of persecution? Is it time to remove our kippot, keep our hanukiyot on the kitchen table, and stop talking about Seinfeld in public?

Ego is the enemy of good leadership
Harvard Business Review: The job is supposed to be about selflessness, reflection, and courage.

The caravan is an exodus
Christian Century: The migrants have bigger concerns than U.S. policy. They know the terrors they are fleeing.

What happened to liberation theology?
The Economist: Its tenets have become accepted by the Catholic Church at the same time as Catholic influence is waning

How Christian missionary media shaped the world
The Conversation: For much of the 19th century, Christian missionaries served as informal foreign correspondents for a broadly Christian public in the eastern United States and Western Europe.

The Spark

The troubling scourge of perfectionism
A trait that's often seen as good can actually be destructive. At the Atlantic, here's how to combat it.

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