Wednesday's News & Ideas - 1/17/2018

  • William Barber & church activism
  • Christianity not getting greener
  • Silence of White Christians
  • Salvadorans & church support
  • Why young Catholics leave
  • Most important jazz concert

William Barber II and the MLK legacy of church-based activism
NYMag: If you had to identify a national leader for an African-American political agenda, it would likely be William Barber II.

Christianity is not getting greener
Scientific American: U.S. Christians' concerns about the environment have not shifted much in the past two decades, and in fact, may be reversing course.

Out of Africa: White supremacy and the Church's silence
Baptist News Global: White Christians have many reasons to break the silence, Bill Leonard says.

Salvadorans at risk of losing immigration status find support in churches
Religion News Service: Churches with large groups of Salvadoran TPS holders are reeling from the decision to end the program that has allowed them to stay since 2001.

New study seeks to understand why young people leave the Church
Crux: In attempting to make sense as to why young Catholics leave the faith, researchers categorized their responses into three major groups: the injured, the drifters, and the dissenters.

The Spark

How Benny Goodman orchestrated 'the most important concert in jazz history'
On January 16, 1938, clarinetist and band leader Benny Goodman made history when his band played at Carnegie Hall. Nobody knew how jazz would be received in what was America's temple to classical music. The eventĀ became "the most important concert in jazz history."

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