Wednesday's News & Ideas - 1/10/2018

  • American exceptionalism & America 1st
  • Oprah: prophet, priestess, queen?
  • Baby Jesus, Dreamer in Egypt
  • Calif. megachurches & Christian culture
  • Saving social innovation
  • Americans, parking & rage

American exceptionalism and America First
Religion & Politics: "America First" may seem like American exceptionalism, but it actually offers a radically different vision of the nation's place and purpose in the world.

Oprah: prophet, priestess … queen?
The New York Times: To the extent that there is a specifically American religion, a faith tradition all our own, Oprah has made herself its pope, Ross Douthat says.

Baby Jesus was a Dreamer in Egypt
Religion News Service: The Bible is filled with admonitions about treating strangers and aliens justly.

How California's megachurches changed Christian culture
The Conversation: California megachurches played a significant role in how millions of people -- Christian or not -- understand Christianity.

A year of pushback to save social innovation
The New York Times: The idea vacuum in Washington means that states, cities and even neighborhoods are stepping in -- not only to come up with ways to solve problems but also to spread those ideas.

The Spark

Americans are pretty ugly when parking their cars
Parking is a common, monotonous activity during which a driver can experience a full range of emotions - anxiety about finding a spot, pride when they find one and, of course, anger when another driver takes it. As The Outline reports, the worst part of driving will never get better.

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