Wednesday's News & Ideas

  • The surprising St. Paul
  • What priests don't understand
  • Judaism without God?
  • Serpent handling revival
  • Episcopal split-up
  • Marilynne Robinson on America

Putting Paul in his placeUS Catholic: Though some may see him as the grump of the New Testament, St. Paul is full of surprises.

Simplifying sexCommonweal: What some priests don't understand about contraception.

Are you there God? It's us, the JewsThe Jewish Week: Can religion, especially Judaism, work if you don't believe in the Big Guy upstairs?

Reviving faith by 'taking up serpents'Wall Street Journal: For a new generation of Internet-savvy Pentecostals, a century-old practice provides "anointing."

A church divided: ruling ends Va.'s Episcopal battleNPR: After recent court ruling, it's like the end of a marriage, with people moving out and splitting up assets.

Grapevine church under fire for using animals at Easter serviceWFAA TV Dallas/Ft. Worth: The pastor of a North Texas mega-church who is no stranger to stunts is now facing new criticism for using live animals during an Easter service.

The Spark

Marilynne Robinson: America's problems and promiseMarilynne Robinson, the essayist and author of Gilead, joined Big Think last week to talk about American culture past and present. Robinson sees tremendous, built-in resilience in American culture -- and though she believes our public conversation of recent years has significantly lost its way, she's optimistic about the potential for positive change. "I think we need to ask very, very fundamental questions [as a nation] about who we are and what we want ."

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