Wednesday's News & Ideas - 10/18/2017

  • Sports ministries & NFL protests
  • Pope, evolution or revolution?
  • CoE goes digital as attendance declines
  • Trump & politics of Merry Christmas
  • Synagogues & people with disabilities
  • Not just monsters who harrass

The role of sports ministries in the NFL protests
Religion & Politics: The surprising overlap between sports ministries and the recent NFL protests in terms of both strategy and personnel should prompt us to consider how faith is moving these athletes to action.

Maverick image aside, sometimes Pope's more evolution than revolution
Crux: Looked at in historical terms, there's a good argument that both on the death penalty and on the Amazon, Francis isn't breaking with tradition, he's in perfect continuity with it.

Clicks instead of Communion: Church of England goes digital as attendance hits new low
Christian Today: The Church of England's congregations are ditching Mass for Macbooks as regular attendance is being replaced with digital engagement.

How Trump botches the politics of 'Merry Christmas'
The Washington Post: In a way, the president is right: Christmas is political. But not in the way he thinks, says James K. A. Smith.

Chicago's Jewish community unites to be more inclusive of people with disabilities
NPR: Houses of worship struggle with how to be inclusive of people with disabilities. An ambitious effort in Chicago is part of a nation-wide movement to help synagogues be more welcoming.

The Spark

The Harvey Weinstein allegations are monstrous. But it's not just monsters who harass women
At the New Statesmen, Helen Lewis wonders, how many men have read the news this last week and reassured themselves -- come on, I'm not as bad as that guy?

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