Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Italy mourns cardinal
  • Tutu slams Bush & Blair
  • Mega-church thrives in Singapore
  • Rifts in Rev. Moon's empire
  • Muslims in Catholic colleges
  • Liberals & conservative are different

Italy mourns cardinal who said Catholic church was 200 years out of dateThe (London) Guardian: Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini railed against conservatives in his church in an interview published the day after his death.

Desmond Tutu says Blair, Bush should be 'made to answer' for IraqCNN Belief blog: South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu says that Tony Blair and George W. Bush should be "made to answer" at the International Criminal Court for their actions around the Iraq war.The (London) Observer: Desmond Tutu: Why I had no choice but to spurn Tony Blair

Singapore mega-church faithful invest in mallsBusinessweek: Centuries after Catholics established missions in Asia, Singaporeans flock to a new species of churches making appeals more in common with pop-singer Madonna than the Jesuits

Children to carry on Rev. Moon's religious movement, but feuding could endanger the empireAssociated Press: Sun Myung Moon leaves behind children who have been groomed to lead a religious movement famous for mass weddings and business interests -- if family feuds don't bring down the empire.CNN Belief blog: My Take: Moon's death marks end of an era

Muslims from abroad are thriving in Catholic collegesThe New York Times: Muslim students say they prefer a place where talk of religious beliefs and adherence to a religious code are accepted and even encouraged, socially and academically.

The Spark

Unconscious reactions separate liberals and conservativesBlue state, red state. Big government, big business. Gay rights, fetal rights. The United States is riven by the politics of extremes. But, Scientific American reports, liberals and conservatives do not just see things differently. They are different. Understanding those differences might tone down the bitter feuding between Democrats and Republicans.

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