Tuesday's News & Ideas 9/4/2018

  • Aretha's family slams eulogy
  • An evangelical argues against Kavanaugh
  • The Pope's watershed moment
  • Fewer ministers, heavier burden
  • Pastor retires after 5 decades of sacrifice
  • Why not wear white after Labor Day?

Aretha Franklin's family slams pastor for 'offensive' eulogy
CNN: Aretha Franklin's family has condemned the pastor's comments as "offensive and distasteful." The Rev. Jasper Williams Jr. spoke on the state of black America, saying it had lost its soul and that Franklin was calling on her race to turn its direction around. Commenting on solo parenting, he said: "A black woman cannot raise a black boy to be a man."

The evangelical case against Judge Kavanaugh
New York Times: As an evangelical who cut my teeth in politics during the heyday of the Moral Majority movement in the 1980s, I know the enthusiasm many conservatives feel at the prospect of culture war victories at the Supreme Court, writes pastor and activist Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove. But I join many other faith leaders to oppose Judge Kavanaugh not in spite of our faith commitments, but because of them, he said.

As crisis envelops Catholic Church, is Pope Francis facing a ‘watershed moment’?
Washington Post: One week after the release of a scathing 7,000-word letter from Vatican ex-ambassador Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Vatican watchers say Pope Francis -- who has yet to directly address the veracity of the accusations -- is facing the greatest challenge of his papacy.
CBS News: Pope touts virtue of silence after sex abuse cover-up claims

Fewer ministers, heavier burden
(Minneapolis) Star-Tribune: As churches close and budgets shrink, the new ministers who hear the call to serve must adopt new roles in changing communities.

Civil rights champion and Pastor Harry Blake retires after 52 years in the pulpit
KTBS: He's been the target of an assassin's bullet, beaten, and jailed. From the cotton fields of Northeast Louisiana to his years working with Martin Luther King, the Rev. Harry Blake's fight for civil rights and for individuals in Shreveport, Louisiana, has come with great sacrifice.

The Spark

Why can't you wear white after Labor Day?
Wearing white in the summer makes sense. Desert peoples have known for thousands of years that white clothing seems to keep you a little bit cooler than other colors. But wearing white only during the summer?

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